Beko 400TR

Beko 400TR

  • Android POS Device With Touch Screens
  • Speed through simplicity
  • Two displays, one canvas
  • Software as an extension of the device

Speed through simplicity
Interface and interactions are designed to be simple and clutter-free to make payments quick and smooth. Faster interactions make for faster business.

Two displays, one canvas

The two displays are designed for unique needs of seller and buyer, but they acknowledge and complement each other, reacting to each other behaving as one canvas.

Software as an Extension of the Device
The visual style, animations and illumination patterns blend in the the device hardware and accentuate the design of the device. The hardware and software act as one.

UI Style Principles
Icon usability: A user’s understanding of an icon is based on previous experience. Due to the absence of a standard usage for most icons, text labels are necessary to communicate the meaning and reduce ambiguity. Using in the POS UI both text as a primary information and icons as a seconday, supporting source of information. Light Guides Light interfaces are guiding the usage and communicate successfull transaction. Blue light appears in the area of the card slot area when card payment will take place.

Main Screen
Enables a quick access to the products just by touching the categories. Can be changed to the numeric or alphabetical format. Flow; Pop up windows will show up when touched. Visualised next page. Based on the “side flip” user interface system.

UI Colour Logic
Colours used in the UI are selected by the drivers for clear and easy communication. Blue, green and red are based on the basic elements of the functional colour coding of UI.

White: Main texts. Green: The Green colour is clearly visible and as an meaning approved, ok, succesfull transaction. Red: The red colour communicates misfunction, cancelation, error, not approved, denied actions.

The selected typeface communicates clearly with symbols as well as a text and supports the idea of a cleansable information. Selected colour blue is having great contrast with black and white backgrounds and makes the information and active areas even more clear. The visual style, animations and illumination patterns blend in to the device hardware and accentuate the design of the device. The hardware and software act as one.

Only one button with clear interfaces. Supports one hand use.

Operating system
Android 9.0
WiFi 802.11 b / g / n @ 2.4GHz
Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
GPS / Glonass
LTE B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20 / B38
GPRS 900/1800
Input / Output USB 2.0
SIM: Nano Card SAM: Micro Card
Hardware specifications

Processor 4 x Cortex-A35 1.5GHz
LTE Cat. 4 supported via modem
Memory 2 GB LPDDR3 800MHZ
16 GB eMMC
Micro SD (16GB)
Display 5.46 “720x1280 LCD Touch 5 ”Capacitive / 5 point (User)
3.08 ”480x272 LCD 3 ”Capacitive / 1 point (Customer)
Camera 5 Mp Autofocus
Audio 0.75 W Speaker
Power button
Multifunctional charger USB2.0 / 3 pcs, Ethernet, DCIN,
RJ11 x 2 (drawer, RS-232)
Thermal Printer with write Speed ​​100 mm / sec. max.
Power specifications
Adapter input 220-240V ~ 50 Hz
Adapter output DC 12V / 2A
Power consumption (Stand-by) 0.5 W Standby
Power consumption (operation) 36 W max.
Battery 2660mAh / 7.6V (2S-1P)