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Beko 400 TRAndroid POS

Beko 400 TR Android POS

9.999 TL + 6 Months Subscription 2.999 TL In Arçelik & Beko stores and websites
All in one! With Beko 400 TR, sales, payment and e-invoice transactions are now combined in a single device! Thanks to the applications included in Beko 400 TR, which have developed according to the “Mobile Payment and Electronic Document Management System” Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law numbered 507, you can place orders through a single device within seconds, receive your payment and send e-invoices. Start profitable and efficient business management with Beko 400 TR right away.
2 Year-Warranty
Service-free Easy Installation

Perform Sales

With the TokenStore sales application included in Beko 400 TR, you can add and sell your products within seconds.
  • Define products and group them in categories
  • Define all your products at once with excel upload
  • Sell your products with barcode reader
  • Complete sales in seconds with “Quick Sale” (Hızlı Satış) feature
  • Instantly access sales reports through device or Token Merchant Panel (Token İş yeri Paneli)

Receive Payments

  • With Beko 400 TR, the payment transaction is easier and faster than ever before. Choose any of the bank options and start receiving payments right away! You can choose as many banks as you wish. Besides, no POS dues for the first 6 months, for the Yapı Kredi selections!
  • Supporting QR code payment as well as contactless payment, Beko 400 TR eliminates the need to turn the device for PIN code entry thanks to its customer touchscreen. When the payment is confirmed, it also informs the customer with green light in the card slot.

Send E-Invoices

Now you can simply send an e-invoice by pressing a single button! Thanks to the Token E-Invoice application included in Beko 400 TR, you can start using e-invoice within the same day and start sending unlimited e-invoices without the need for integration.
  • In order to send an e-invoice with Beko 400 TR, once you add products to the basket, enter customer’s information and proceed. When the payment is completed, the e-invoice is sent to your customer's e-mail address automatically.
  • For transactions less than 500 TRY, an e-invoice is created without need of customer’s information and you can send it to customer’s e-mail address with one click.

  • Android 9.0 operating system 
  • Dual touch display 
  • Transaction with QR code, contactless and magnetic card 
  • Wi-Fi/4G/2G connection support 
  • Memory capacity up to 32 GB with Micro SD 
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM capacity 
  • Mobile and over-the-counter use 
  • Hourly, daily, periodic sales report 
  • Up to 50 hours of standby time 
  • 1 audio output 
  • Internal battery 
  • 1xUSB OTG (on the product), 3xUSB HOST 
  • Product Weight: 500 gr
  • 1 key to turn on and off 
  • Chip Sales

Highlighted Features

In addition to the services provided, Beko 400 TR enables you to manage your business more efficiently with its technological features. Here are some of those features!

Very Easy to Use!

You can easily view or download the user guide from here.

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