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Application Use

The Beko 400 TR Android POS device, which contains different applications thanks to the Android operating system, includes separate applications for all these transactions to combine sales, payment, and e-invoice processes on a single device. Thanks to these applications, you can sell your products in a very short time through the Beko 400 TR Android POS device and instantly send e-invoices to your customers. You can quickly perform a sales transaction by following the steps below.

Add your products.

Add your products. To be able to perform sales, you should first define your products on the İkas application. You can define your products through the device or İkas web portal.
To define it through the device, click “…” at the top right of the screen and then, the “add product” (ürün ekle) button.

Add them to the cart and enter the customer information.

Select the product you wish to sell and add it to the cart.
After viewing your cart, proceed to receive payment.
Before payment, enter customer information to send e-invoice. If you are going to send an invoice on behalf of a person, you can simply enter the fields marked with *.

Choose the type of payment and complete the sales transaction.

Choose from cash, credit card or partial payment options.
You can receive magnetic, contactless or QR code payments with credit card.

  • For magnetic, you should insert the card into the card slot above.
  • For contactless payment, your customer should bring their card closer to the customer screen.
  • In the payment transaction with QR code, the QR code displayed on the customer screen should be scanned through the bank application.
  • If the contactless payment limit is exceeded, a keyboard appears on the customer screen for password entry.

Pay value and complete the sale.

In the partial payment option, you can receive payment by determining the amount or dividing it by a certain number of persons.
When the payment is completed, a green light will turn on in the card slot to inform your customer.
After the payment transaction is completed, the e-invoice is created as a QR code on both the seller and the customer screen, and your customer can download the invoice to their device by having it scanned with their phone.

You can do this using the video below.

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