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Beko 1000 TRNext Generation Gas Station Outdoor Payment Terminal

Beko 1000 TR Next Generation Gas Station Outdoor Payment Terminal

At Arçelik & Beko stores and TORA
The Beko 1000 TR is Turkey's first next generation gas station OPT that accepts all forms of electronic payments at the pump. The Beko 1000 TR is an integrated payment system that is fully compliant with the Turkish Tax Procedure Law and can be localized internationally. Running on the TokenX Platform, it allows you to manage and digitize your business.
2-Year Warranty
Fast Service and Support

Take Payments at the Pump

With the Beko 1000 TR, Turkey's first next generation gas station OPT with integrated POS, your customers now have the option to pay at the pump. Electronic transactions can be completed via a credit card (contactless, magnetic, or chip), a QR code or an NFC enabled mobile device, and cash payments can be processed as well. This simple payment experience allows you to decrease transaction times reducing congestion at your station resulting from queues at cash register.

Speed Up In-Store Payments

You can effortlessly accept payment at the pump with the Beko 1000 TR OPT or in-store with the Beko 400 TR IPT POS. Both devices use TokenX, a cloud-based platform which seamlessly transmits transaction information, including license plate or VAT number if required, to the Beko 400 TR. Transaction speed will be increased reducing queues in front of the cashier and errors will be eliminated since manual information entry is no longer required. Also, the Beko 400 TR has a customer facing touch screen which eliminates the need to turn the device and simplifies the payment experience.

Manage Your Station on A Single Screen

The TokenX platform allows you to manage your business and do all your reporting from a single portal.

  • View X, Y, and Z reports
  • Generate reports based on the license plate, date and time, sale amount, payment type, and credit card issuer.
  • Sales information can be automatically and instantaneously transmitted to third-parties to comply with local regulatory requirements.

At Your Side under All Circumstances

The Beko 1000 TR was designed to function smoothly even under extreme weather conditions (between -30 °C and + 55 °C) and be impact resistant thanks to its durable aluminum outer body. Uninterrupted operation at your station is also ensured with remote monitoring and support.

  • 7'' color touchscreen
  • Accepts contactless, magnetic, and chip credit card payments thanks to its integrated POS
  • RS485, Current Loop, and Tokheim Connection Options
  • Tamper Resistant with both physical and electronic seals
  • Wall-mounted or stand-alone use
  • Built-in 5MP camera
  • Android 9.0 interface
  • EJ (electronic journal) with a capacity of 1 million records
  • IP54, IK08 certificated resistance to water and -30 °C / +55 °C
  • Remote monitoring and update
  • 8 physical buttons next to the touch color screen
  • Wi-Fi, 4G, and ethernet connectivity options
  • Memory for 3,650 Z reports
  • Durable aluminum outer body

Highlighted Features

The Beko 1000 TR helps you manage your business more efficiently. Here are some of its features that make that possible!