We shape our human resources processes in line with our organizational needs, talent management plans, personal development, and career goals of our employees to manage the talent inside our company correctly.

In order to be objective and consistent in our employees' career planning, we gather feedback from different functions, set the final situation, and draw the leadership/expertise career path of our employees.

Career Opportunities:



We value the internship process to create a pool of candidates for our future job opportunities, discover the talent potential early, and provide opportunities for development within our organization. Our online internship program, which we have designed with our “The Future of Payment Systems” motto, aims to provide university students the skills and competencies of organizing, maturing ideas, generating value, developing projects, and being internally motivated. While our trainees can benefit from Koç Academy training throughout their internship, they get the opportunity to improve themselves and be prepared for the future through Career Orientation Workshops and Career Counseling meetings.

Token Hackathon is a project marathon where participants can develop projects using new generation payment systems and financial technologies, learn and experience different things while developing, and step into the world of financial technologies. Students participating in this marathon can have the opportunity to work in Token after the competition.

We organize activities that socialize employees, enable them to learn new things in different fields, entertain and develop; our training and development activities are among our most valuable events to create a good employee experience.

At Token, each of our employees takes responsibility for their own development. Our training and development activities, which proceed in parallel with Koç Holding training programs, are aimed at meeting both general and individual needs. While these needs are fed through the performance evaluation outcomes, they are also shaped by the needs analysis and managerial feedback.

There are customized development programs for both expertise and leadership. These programs are designed annually. Online training is planned through different portals like Coursera, Udemy, and Udacity.

We care for all our colleagues to work efficiently, pleasantly and peacefully; we take concrete steps to support their personal and professional development, and we use all the necessary systems to deliver a great performance together.

We know that our most important value is human; we work to create the future of payment systems together with our talented colleagues and technology that we produce.

Therefore, Token is powered by its employees.
The time our employees spend in the company is crucial for us. We never neglect entertainment to make this time as enjoyable as possible. We organize many activities that both entertain and contribute to development in many different areas. These events include wellness applications, sports activities, cultural trips, happy hours, massage in the office, party, and inspiring speaker events.

Our office is located in ITU Technopolis; being in a university campus energizes us with its young student population and green areas. Ease of transportation, being in a central location, shopping malls, parking lots, restaurants, cafes, and markets around the office increase the quality of our working conditions.
We feel the happiness of working in one of the largest companies operating in the field of payment technologies. Our company always supports global development opportunities.

Transparency is essential to us, and we create a democratic environment in which everyone can freely express their ideas.

We have an agile working structure, so we quickly put the decisions into practice.
We work with agile teams that are away from the hierarchy. We are aware that harmony within the organization is one of the primary conditions of high performance; we value solidarity.

We support and cooperate with promising initiatives in our ecosystem.

University students and new graduates are always in our field of interest; we aim to reach the true potential with unique development opportunities.
Being a part of Koç Holding, which is Turkey's one of the largest and most successful company group, gives us pride. We always act by taking our vision and mission behind us; we keep the human factor in the foreground. The value and trust we give to our employees are our greatest wealth.