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Create Your Token Account

You need to create a Token account to use your device. You can watch the video explaining how to do this process, or you can complete the process by following the steps below.
  • To complete this step, have your device box, subscription card (abonelik kartı), tax plate and your logo and signature that you want to appear on document printouts around you.
  • You need to choose operating organization through GİB Interactive Tax Office (GİB İnteraktif Vergi Dairesi) to complete this step. If you have already completed, continue by confirming.
  • To create your account, enter the code sent to your mobile phone in the relevant field and verify your e-mail.
  • Complete your company and device information by logging into your Token account with your e-mail address and password.
  • Enter the number starting with TQC on the box of device, and serial number on the subscription card you have purchased.
  • You must sign Token Merchant Agreement (Token Üye İş Yeri Sözleşmesi) in order to benefit from products and services. Continue the process by confirming after reading.
  • Select your company type and enter requested information about your company as written on your tax plate. Then upload your logo and signature.
  • Confirm by checking the summary of the information that you have entered and complete the process.
  • You have completed the Token account creation process. You may proceed to device setup.


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