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Beko 400 TR Device Setup

You can watch the video explaining how to setup your Beko 400 TR device or you can complete the process by following the steps below.
  • Select the language and country settings.
  • Connect your device to internet via mobile network, Wi-Fi, or wired (Ethernet) connection.
  • Log in with the password you created during registration from Token Merchant Panel (Token İş Yeri Paneli)
  • You can press “Resend SMS” (SMS’I Tekrar Gönder), to send password again.
  • Confirm your account information and press Continue (Devam Et) button.
  • Read license agreement and press Continue (Devam Et) to proceed.
  • Your applications are installed. You just need to press Activate (Aktifleştir) button to start using.


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