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FAQ Specific to 300 TR | Token E-Commerce

FAQ Specific to 300 TR

The dealer from whom you purchased the product will provide service for the installation of the product, and the product will be installed by the authorized service.

During the installation of the device, the GSM line of your device is activated by the authorized service at no charge to you.

You can obtain it from authorized services. You can also make a request by calling 444 0 888 Important: The printer is not covered under warranty in case of using unapproved paper.

The obligation to use a cash register POS device for taxpayers who newly started their business and were subsequently included in the scope of obligation is 30 days from the date of starting the business and being included in the scope of the obligation. This period has been determined as 60 days regarding the activities in the first- and second-degree priority regions in development.

In sales receipts, name and surname or title of the person or organization that issued the sales receipt, address, tax office, and account number to which they are affiliated, type and charges of the commodities sold, whether they are taxed and their totals, joint receipt number, transaction date, the symbol indicating the approval of the device and the device registry number should be displayed.

After the original receipt for the incorrectly issued receipt is received and canceled, a new receipt with the correct value is issued. Also, the relevant tax office is informed about the issue with a petition. Incorrectly issued receipt is kept for submission when required

The taxpayers whose cash register POS devices they use malfunction will apply to the authorized maintenance and repair services until the end of the day following the day of such malfunction at the latest, and have their devices repaired. Taxpayers will document their sales on the days when their devices malfunction, with invoices or retail sales receipts to be issued according to the Tax Procedure Law.

Taxpayers who have closed their business and do not deal with retail trade will apply to authorized services for the maintenance and repair of cash register POS devices within 30 days from the date of quitting their business, have the information, which is stored in the device memory, detected, and make their devices inoperable (inactive). The device will be deregistered by applying to the relevant tax office together with the service report, financial memory report and cash register device plate within 30 days of issuance of the service report.

The taxpayers who wish to sell the devices they use will apply to the authorized service to determine the information stored in the device memory. The service will remove the old financial memory in the device and install a new financial memory with the same number as the device. The seller will make the sales transaction by receiving the permission letter of the tax office from the buyer and delivering the device to the buyer together with the invoice, license, and user manual by recording it in the invoice to be issued. The seller will deregister the device by applying to the tax office, to which it is affiliated, together with the financial memory report, service report, and cash register device plate within 15 days from the date of sales.

The taxpayers who purchase a used cash register POS device will apply to the tax office, to which they are affiliated, within 15 days from the issue date of the purchase invoice (including the invoice date) together with the invoice, receipt copy, photocopies of the pages of the license containing the information about the device and the taxpayer, and the authorized service report, to have their devices registered and receive the plate of the cash register device.

Z reports are the daily closing reports. They reset the daily memory and load the total information to the financial memory. It is essential to receive Z reports once a day (as of the end of the working hour) and until 24:00. Taxpayers who continue their activities for a while after 24:00 will receive daily Z reports which they must receive daily at the end time of their activities. The revenue written on the Z report, which is received after 24:00, is considered as the revenue of the day when the cash register POS device is started to be used. There is no obligation to obtain a Z report on the days when the workplace is closed or there is no sale that requires using the device.

According to the General Communiqué with Serial No. 36 regarding the Law numbered 3100, taxpayers who have started to engage in a business that requires subsequent use of a cash register device are obliged to use cash register devices within 30 days (60 days in case of operating in priority regions for development according to the General Communiqué Serial No. 51) from the starting date of this business. Pursuant to the repeating article 8/1 of the Law numbered 3100, for the taxpayer who has not purchased a cash register device within its period a special irregularity fine specified in paragraph 8 of article 353 of the Tax Procedure Law is imposed separately for each determination. Such a fine has been determined as 660 TL as of 01.01.2012.

Taxpayers are required to purchase a cash register device within 30 days of starting the business. The taxpayer who purchases the device will receive it with the invoice, license and user manual, and will apply to the tax office, to which they are affiliated, with the required documents (including the receipt copy of the device and request the registration for the device and the issuance of the Cash Register Device plate, within 15 days as of the issuance date of the purchase invoice including the invoice date (however, provided that the 15-day period does not exceed the above-mentioned 30 days).

If an incorrect receipt is provided to the customer inadvertently and it cannot be found, the error will be reported by the taxpayer to the relevant tax office with a petition provided that it is proved with sufficient data (the incorrect receipt is above the invoice issuance limit or the daily revenue of the business, etc.) and the actual amount will be written in the records. If they deem it necessary, the tax offices will be able to investigate the accuracy of the information by conducting inspections or audits to determine the revenue.

In section 5 of the General Communiqué Serial No. 52 regarding the Law on the Obligation of VAT Taxpayers to Use Cash Register Devices numbered 3100, the features of paper rolls to be used in thermal printer cash register devices are described. Therefore, thermal printer cash register device receipts are obliged to meet the conditions specified in the General Communiqué with Serial No. 52. For the taxpayers who issue receipts that do not have these features, five times the first-degree irregularity fine should be imposed due to failure to comply with the procedures and principles determined and announced by our Ministry.

Taxpayers whose all sales are listed as 5 subparagraphs in article 232 of the Tax Procedure Law or whose cost of each sale exceeds 770 TRY for 2012 are not obliged to use a cash register device. Except for those listed as 5 subparagraphs in article 232 of the Tax Procedure Law, taxpayers who have sales for which the amount does not exceed 770 TRY are obliged to use a cash register device.

With paragraph 1 of article 7 of the Law numbered 3100 as amended by the Law numbered 5228, taxpayers were provided with the possibility to select up to 100% depreciation rate for the devices they will purchase for use at the workplace, and the value-added tax rate which is applied to the delivery of the cash register devices was kept lower than other commodity sales. Thus, the financial burden of purchasing cash register devices has been substantially reduced.