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The main mission of Token Software Team is to develop products that provide seamless integration of applications of our business partners. The team is mainly focused on the following products.
Token AndroidPOS:
This platform isolates business logic from hardware dependencies. To achieve this goal, we develop hardware optimized driver components that should comply with PCI-PTS, CTS, and Token Mobile Platform standards. 

Token Mobile Platform:
The mobile platform provides efficient orchestration of business applications such as e-invoice, sales automation, and payment. The goal of this platform is to work independently of different mobile operating systems and hardware features by providing common utilities and isolating complex security operations, governmental specifications from the application development lifecycle.
Token Cloud Platform:

Enables interoperable and resilient cloud solutions to perform seamless orchestration of the Token Ecosystem. This platform enables easy onboarding, centralized identification, merchant store, and resilient hosting services.
Token Ops:
Automate Software Development Life Cycle and provide collaborative development environment Multi-Site Development Teams.