About Us

Token transforms insights into real-world products and hence create an exceptional seamless customer experience allowing merchants to run their business at maximum efficiency.

Token Financial Technologies is a subsidiary of Arcelik which belongs to Koc Group, largest conglomerate in Turkey. Token produces revolutionary, innovative products, value added retail and payment services to retailers and creates a safe open platform for Fintech ecosystem. Token creates the devices and infrastructures to deliver intelligent payment and retail platforms, which shape the future products and services while creating new revenue streams.

Having more than three decades of retail and fiscal systems experience, the leadership team of Token designed EFT-POS terminals which also comply with all fiscal regulations of governments. Token is now managing more than 500.000 active payment terminals and more than 600.000 applications running on these terminals including banking, meal card and other retail applications.

Erkan Duysal

General Manager

Hande Sarıdal

Financial &Accounting Director

Halil İbrahim Dikici

R&D Director

Mustafa Ozan Çapa

R&D Director Software

Ferhat Ünlükal

Payment Services Director

Emrah Özbek

Operations Director

Sinan Öztan

IT Director

Ece Gerçek Kayurtar

Kurumsal Ortaklık Servisleri Yöneticisi

Özgül Erkış Gözüm

Banking Services Manager

Eda Tuğutlu Güneç

Human Resources Manager

Sabri Şimşek

Manager Govermental & Sectoral Affairs